D-Light Descreet - UV - Fly killer machine

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Stylish and contemporary, the D-Light discreet fly killer machine

is an ultra discreet unit designed for front-of-house applications. Ideal for use within cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels, the D-light offers an elegant, modern aesthetic alongside innovative easy-to-service features and maximum efficacy.

Model: R_D-Light-Descreet

D-Light Descreet - Fly killer machine 


Size: 52 X 17 X 13 cm

Lighttubes: 2 X 15W

Cover: 70 m2

Glueboard: one in screen

Colour: White

Warranty: 2 år

Certifikat: RoHS

Design your Fly-Add...

Add your ad - exactly what you want to tell your clients or visitors.

Fly-Add insect killer will illume your ad on the screen - the glow around your ad looks brilliant.

It´s possible to change the screen, whenever you want.

New day - new offer !