Insect killer - Industrial


Now available in UAE !!!  This industrial insect killer with glueboards is probably the best choice for industrial use. Stainless steel & shatterproof lighttubes as standard. Output is 4 X 15 W !!! Double suspended. To hang down in wires from ceiling.

Model: R-Flytrap Indust.

The king of insect killers with glueboard !  Nothing less... Perfect solution for use in harsh environments that may require hosing down or use in medical, foodindustry. Kills and eliminates a variety of flying insects on glueboards such as flies and mosquitoes which can be a hazard and nuisance within workshops, factories, warehouses and shops. The insect killer Indutrial is a professional quality insect killer, and it is built from stainless steel for durability.



Size: 65 X 14 X 47 cm

Lighttubes: 4 X 20W - shatterproof

Cover: 450 m2

Glueboards:  X 2

Colour: Stainless steel

Warranty :5 years

Certificates: HAACP, ATEX, IP65, RoHS

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