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Law - Business with food production

The law is quite simple.  If you follow a hygiene program as ex. HACCP.  That means, if you have an open food production, sell or just produce food, you have to protect the food against pests.  Obviously that means flying insects, too.

Flying insects will be reported just as other pests like rats, mice & cockroaches.

Haccp insect killers

Correct protection against flying insects

 It´s important, how you protect your enviroment against insects.  There are more demands you have to follow.  Is it ok to use use zappers, or do you have to use flykillers with glueboards ?

The main rule is: If you you have an open food production - you always have to use Flykillers with glueboards.  For storage it´s ok to use zappers. In cities like Dubai & Abu Dhabi, who invites a lot of tourists is it important to all kind of food producers, that electric flykillers are used to protect consumers against flies ( diseases brought from flies ).

Insect killers food hygiene

The correct choice of flykillers

Our units are desgned to last for many years. Why it´s important to choose the correct model according to coverage and need.

It´s also important, that you include the flykillers in the hygiene program, sp glueboards & tubes are changed regular.



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