Insect killer supplier in Dubai, Abu Dhabi ( United Emirates - UAE )

High quality product range of professionel discreet insect killers for foodindustry, hotels, restaurants, storage and more in the Emirates. Daily shipping to Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Insect killer supplier Dubai

56% Off

Insect killer - Euro-Kill 2 X 20W !

From the biggest insect killer supplier in uae, we present the approved electric insect killer "zapper" for our dear clients in the Emirates. Euro-Kill insect killer can be used in all kind of enviroments.

You save: $116.02
83% Off

Elektrisk myggefanger med sug / stødspjæld

Lille praktisk fluefanger primært egnet til småfluer & myg hvor kombinationen af UV-lys og suger tiltrækker insekter og suger dem ind i stødspjældet, hvor de bliver "grillet. Egnet til køkkener, terrasser og udsalgsvinduer.

OBS – bruger ikke limplader.

You save: $146.36

Leading Insect killer supplier in Dubai present the new 80 W !

A flykiller for use in foodpreparations and similar areas, where insects can´t be tolerated. Great choice for food manufacturers in the Emirates. As leading supplier insect killer supplier in Dubai, we can offer this unit direct from stock.

Quantity discount on this product - save up to 12 %

50% Off

Wall-Light - insect killer light with glueboard - 18W 

Uplighter insect killer light with glueboard for perfect use in restaurants and offices. Bestseller to offices and restaurants in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

You save: $52.66
37% Off

King of flykiller for industrial use in UAE !!!

Designed for the foodindustry and hotel kitchen in the Emirates. Covers up to 400 m2 ! Testwinner among professional flykillers with glueboards in Dubai commercial areas.

You save: $166.90
53% Off

Fly-Lite - the perfect solution against mosquitoes in the bedroom

Small effective and discreet mosquito trap. Made as a "plug in" with a glueboard to catch small insects

You save: $32.27
53% Off

Maxim - Insect trap with glueboards - 45 W

Brand new model with superb coverage. 3 X 15 W output covers up to 150m2. Decorative and effective design for all areas.

You save: $122.27
36% Off

Discreet Fly killers. Add your product - not your problem !!!  

The newest invention among discreet fly killers... Don´t let your clients or tourists pay attention to your fly control. Let them see your personal message on the screen. The UV fly killer hidden behind your glowing ad. 

You save: $178.50

Wall-Trap - Cheap glueboard flykiller

Provides a solution to food preparation areas. Cheap solution of a brilliant glueboard flykiller and bestseller for small restaurants in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.


Online sale of insect killers to UAE - Dubai & Abu Dhabi.


The Fly-Add insect killer range has been designed to offer both innovation and functionality!  There are currently 10-15 models with most designed right here in Emirates ( UAE ).

UV insect lamps should really be called UVA insect lamps, because they are designed to produce UVA light, the safer form of UV light.A typical UVA bulb for insect lamps has a lower UVA intensity than sunlight. Even so, these lamps are covered to protect eyes.



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