UV - Glueboard flykiller - Wall-Trap - 2 X 15W


Wall-Trap - Cheap glueboard flykiller

Provides a solution to food preparation areas. Cheap solution of a brilliant glueboard flykiller and bestseller for small restaurants in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Model: Wall-Trap
Weight: 4
Special sets
15% Off
You save: $7.52
You save: $7.52
Wall-Trap – Flykiller with glueboard
White powder painted steel
Insect killer with glueboard
130 m2
47 X 30 X 11 cm
2 X 15 W
230 V
Vertical - wallmounting or standing
1 year

Flykiller with glueboard.

Provides a great hygienic solution for preparation areas and private kitchens.This flykiller is new in the Emirates and is the perfect solution for our clients in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, who will give clients a perfect fly control in the kitchenarea. The unit can be used in domestic and commercial ares as well, where a discreet and effectful termination of insect is required.  This unit is one of the cheapest among pro flykillers, but is a brilliant example how a low priced product can match other flykillers in every parameter and gives you the best quality and results.  Wall-Trap is easy to service. Simple glueboard and tube replacement. Just open the front, and you can replace lighttubes and glueboards in a few minutes. 


Glueboard flykiller for restaurant 

Download Wall-Trap ( datasheet )

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