Flykiller "Abu Dhabi" - 4 X 15W

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King of flykiller for industrial use in UAE !!!

Designed for the foodindustry and hotel kitchen in the Emirates. Covers up to 400 m2 ! Testwinner among professional flykillers with glueboards in Dubai commercial areas.

Model: Industrial
Weight: 6
Industrial – Fly killer
Stainless steel
Insect killer with glueboards
300 m2
62 X 35 X 20 cm
4 X 15 W
230 V
Vertical - wallmounting - double suspended
1 year

Industrial fly killer 4 X 15W

The most powerful and effetive glueboard-unit on the arabian market. This commercial / industrial flykiller is now on sale in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and has shatterproof tubes as standard and glueboards for any enviroment, where high standards of insect-control and fly-control is required such as hotel and restaurant kitchen in the emirates, where insect enviroment is harsh. 

Industrial is the "perfect choice" for industrial use with many sqm. and a strict hygieneprogram, where no insects & flies are tolerated in production & storage areas.  The Industrial fly killer is mad in stainless steel, what gives a multiyear investment. Inside the unit the 2 glueboards are hidden behind the UV lighttubes, where insects & flies are attracted 24 hours / day. 

Industrial is recommended for use in hotel kitchen, storage, industrial production, pharma industry and other places where only the best is good enough !



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