Insect killer light - Wall-Light - 18W

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Wall-Light - insect killer light with glueboard - 18W 

Uplighter insect killer light with glueboard for perfect use in restaurants and offices. Bestseller to offices and restaurants in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Model: Wall-Light
Weight: 4
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You save: $40.82
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Wall-light – Insect killer light
White powder painted steel
Insect killer with glueboard
60 m2
46 X 35 X 17 cm
1 X 18 W
230 V
Vertical - wallmounting
1 year

Insect killer light with glueboard. Approved for use in restaurants

Wall-Light insect killer light is a discreet and attractive unit specifically designed for front of house fly control, where both discretion and effectiveness are essential. It has a modern design that offers a stylish and effective way of controlling flying insects in public areas as restaurants and offices.  Wall-Light is the second generation of professionel insect killers, and a very popular model from our product range. Second generation insect killers is the development from electric flykillers with zapper grid. Wall-light is designed as a so called uplighter for wall-mounting, which means that the UV light comes up from the insect killer and creates a beautiful pattern on the wall above.  Insect are attracted by the UV light and get caught on the glueboard hidden inside the machine. Guests can´t see the glueboard, which has to be replaced when needed.

Is very simple to service, where glueboards have to be replaced.  

For sale in Dubai / Abu Dhabi and the rest of UAE ( Emirates ).

Insect killer light


Download Wall-light ( datasheet )

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