Insect killer Euro-Kill - 2 X 20W

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Insect killer - Euro-Kill 2 X 20W !

From the biggest insect killer supplier in uae, we present the approved electric insect killer "zapper" for our dear clients in the Emirates. Euro-Kill insect killer can be used in all kind of enviroments.

Model: Euro-Kill
Weight: 5
Euro-Kill - Insect killer
White painted steel
Electric insect killer - Zapper
130 m2
67 X 27 X 13 cm
2 X 20 W
230 V
Hanging, Standing
1 year

Euro-Kill is ideal for any application in UAE where electronic insect killer is required.

Construction in stainless steel which gives a long life for this unit, you can put in almost all kind of production where effectiveness is essential. We don´t recommend insect killers as zappers like this in areas as open food production and guest areas. In these areas we recommend insect killers with glueboards.


Download Euro-Kill ( datasheet )

insect killer 

How to place and use Euro-Kill electronic insect killer

Select a sturdy device from which to hang the Electronic Insect Killer at a height of 6-8 feet above the ground. Select a location that is 25 feet away from areas intended for human activity between the source of insects and the area to be protected. Plug the cord into an outdoor extension cord. The bulb will emit a bluish glow within a few seconds. The Electronic Insect Killer is equipped with self-cleaning grids and requires no special maintenance. Insect remains uncontaminated by pesticides fall to the ground to be naturally absorbed back into the ecosystem. We recommend replacing the UV bulbs once a year to maintain maximum black light output. Replacement bulbs are available here


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